4 Blade Grinder Hacks for Close-To-Burr Grinder Results

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It’s true that burr grinders produce optimal results for brewing coffee, but it’s also true that more people by far own blade grinders. Does that mean you need to settle if you don’t have a burr grinder available? Well, not necessarily. We’re going to give you four hacks that will elevate your results with a blade grinder. Although it’s important to have the right tool for the job, having the right skills can help you do more with less. It requires a little more time and effort, but it can be done.

Note: Start with a little more coffee than usual. You’ll see why below.

Four hacks for improved burr grinder results:

    1. Pulse the grinder. Instead of one long grind, pulse the blade on and off.
    2. Shake the grinder. In addition to grinding in short bursts, shake the grinder several times to mix up the coffee and produce a more even result.
    3. Remove the large pieces. Shake the grinds through a common kitchen sieve until the largest chunks are left in the sieve. Put these back into the grinder and process to break them down further, then add to the rest of the batch.
    4. Remove the fines. Pour all the grounds onto a paper towel. Run your finger through them to lightly press them into the towel. Then pour into a bowl or other container. The extra-fine grounds will stick to the paper towel.

“The grind can make or break the flavor of your coffee. The outcome of this process using a burr grinder approaches the results of a perfect coffee.

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