The Big List of Certified Organic and Sustainable Coffee Brands

Sustainability is in the forefront of awareness for the coffee industry and coffee drinkers.  Its important to understand the topic so we can make educated choices about what we buy and why.  The power of our purchases has a big effect on the future of the coffee world.  

Learn the details about Sustainable Coffee Certifications.  And follow this growing list of brands that have qualified for certification if you choose to support these efforts.

Please note before you browse the table below:

  • This list is not comprehensive. If you know of a certified coffee not listed here, please tell us in the comments below.
  • Not all coffees from these companies are certified.  Look for the symbols on the packaging, in the product description, or on the company website.
  • A listing here is not a recommendation from us.  We are providing information to use at your discretion.

USDA Organic

Fair Trade



Bird Friendly®
Company has
at least one
1888 Coffee Company
35 North Coffee Company
A & E Coffee
Acadian Coffee Roasters 
Alakef Coffee Roasters[+]
Allann’s Coffee [+]
Allegro Coffee[+]
Aroma Coffee of Santa Fe
Artizan Coffee Company [+]
Beans & Brews
Beans Coffee Company 
Bear Mountain Coffee Roasters Incorporated
Bellingham Bay Coffee Roasters
Birds & Beans Coffee[+]
Black River Roasters
Blue Bean Coffee Roasters
Bootstrap Coffee Roasters
Boyd’s Coffee
Bramo LLC
Brazuka Coffee Roaster[+]
Brooklyn Roasting Company[+]
Burlap & Bean[+]
Cafe Don Pablo
Cafe Excellence
Café Mam[+]
Cafe Virtuoso LLC[+]
Caffe D’Arte
Caffe Ibis
Caffe Ladro[+]
Caffe Marco
Capital City Roasters
Carpe Diem Coffee[+]
Cherrybean Coffee Company
Chris’ Coffee[+]
Cafe Altura[+]
Clipper Coffee[+]
Coffee Bean Direct
Colectivo Coffee
Copper Moon Coffee[+]
Crimson Cup Coffee[+]
Door County Coffee
Forto Coffee
Dynamite Roasting Co.
Equal Exchange
Esselon Cafe
Finger Lakes Coffee
Fouled Anchor Coffee
Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC
Full City Rooster LLC
Ghost Town Coffee
Gillies Coffee
Gobena Coffee
Gold Country Roasters
Golden Valley Farms
Happy Day Brands
Homestead Coffee Roasters
Indigo Coffee[+]
Jim’s Organic Coffee
Java City
Java Love
Java Planet Organic Coffee

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea[+]
Jungle Cat Coffee
Klatch Coffee
La Barba Coffee
Larry’s Coffee
Lavanta Coffee Roasters
Mocha Joe’s Roasting Co.
Metropolis Coffee Co.
Moka Joe Coffee
Montana Coffee Traders
Mother Lode Coffee Roasting
Mountanos Family
Mr. Espresso
Muddy Waters Coffee Co.
Narrow Road Coffee
Organic Delight
Orinoco Coffee & Tea
Paradise Mountain
Pierce Brothers Coffee
Portland Roasting Coffee
Red Barn Coffee
Red Rock Roasters[+]
Rise Up Coffee
Rubra Artisan Roasters
San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee[+]
Santa Cruz Coffee[+]
Scott Bros Coffee
Solude Air Roasted Coffee
Stone Street Coffee[+]
Strictly Organic[+]
The Coffee Scoop
The Organic Coffee Co.
Three Tree Coffees
Tierra Farm[+]
Torke Coffee Roasting[+]
Trader Joe’s
Vienna Coffee Company
Volcanic Red Coffees[+]
War Eagle Coffee
Wicked Joe Organic Coffees[+]
Woodshed Roasting Company

Last updated January 31, 2019

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  1. Can you tell me if Organic Delight is the same as The Organic Coffee Co.? The Organic Coffee Co. also has the USDA organic certification.

    • Hi Sandra, thanks for your comment! Organic Delight and The Organic Coffee Co. are two different brands – both USDA Organic certified, as you correctly mentioned.


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