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It all started in Italy almost 100 years ago, but the Moka Pot has found its ways into the hearts and kitchens of coffee lovers around the world. And in that time, the design has virtually not changed. You get flavor approaching that of espresso from a simple pot that can be used at home, while traveling, or even in the great outdoors. There is no need for electricity, just a sufficient heat source. Its a simple, beautiful way to make coffee that many people prefer.

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Quick Description

Moka Pot Basics

Moka pots also go by the name ‘Stovetop Espresso Makers’. They use a similar process as espresso makers and produce a strong espresso-like coffee. There are minor differences, though, so that technically it is not true espresso according to accepted standards. Even so, it’s close enough that many people favor the taste, simple preparation and use it as a base for espresso-based drinks like cappuccino and latte.

The first moka pot was patented in Italy in the 1930s, and modern designs have not changed much because it works so well. Water at the bottom of the pot is heated until the steam pressure forces it up through coffee grounds which are held in the middle of the pot. The brew then continues to climb and is captured in a reservoir at the top of the pot. This method requires a bit of practice, but is simple and can produce excellent coffee.

Tips for Best Results

Buyer's Checklist

Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker

The Original Moka Pot

The very first Moka Pot was patented by Alfonso Bialetti in Italy in 1933, and revolutionized how coffee is made. The original 8-sided design is so effective that it has not been changed. It is said that a Bialetti can be found in the vast majority of Italian households. No wonder it’s considered worldwide to be the very definition of a stovetop espresso maker.

Available in several sizes and colors
 Made of high quality polished aluminum
 Patented safety valve releases excess pressure 
 Must be hand-washed
 Easy to take apart and put together

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Delonghi Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

The Moka Process Done For You

This is an innovate machine that enjoys high customer praise for flavor and convenience. It’s really the best of both worlds: technology meets traditional coffee making.

The Alicia is made with a sturdy aluminum boiler for everyday use. To get started, the on-off switch is illuminated to let you know at a glance whether the pot is turned on. As the coffee brews, you can watch the progress in the see-through coffee container. And if you become distracted, don’t worry about the pot overheating. The boiler will shut itself off automatically, then go into warming mode. To serve, simply remove the pot from the base for pouring, and the base will turn off.

With these helpful features, you’ll be brewing moka automatically and easily, with peace of mind.

 Make 3 cups or 6 cups
 Safety automatic shut-off
 30 minute keep warm function

GROSCHE Milano Moka Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker

Coffee With A Conscience

Grosche is a young company that has become known for both the quality of its products and its mission to help those in need. This eye-catching pot makes the short list of well-made classically designed moka pots known for the flavor they produce.

The Milano model is made from aluminum with a non-toxic silicon gasket seal. As you brew the coffee, the unique protective handle helps keep your hand clear of the heated pot, and the safety valve keeps internal pressure in check.

Each sale of a GROSCHE product funds their Safe Water Project and provides 50+ days of safe drinking water to communities in need.

Available in multiple sizes
 Choose from black or silver finish
 Specially designed handle to protect from heat
 Designed for gas and electric (not induction)

Cuisinox Roma Espresso Coffeemaker

Premium Quality + 25 Year Warranty

Cuisinox crafts its premium quality Roma model in heavy gauge 18/10 stainless steel with a mirror finish. They are so confident in their workmanship that it comes with a generous 25 year warranty.

It is designed to work on all cooking surfaces, and has a convection base. Note that the different sizes are based on 1.5 ounce “cups”.

Available in several sizes
 Hand wash only
 One extra gasket & reducer included

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