Blade Coffee Grinders

Coffee tastes and smells better when its ground fresh, shortly before brewing. You can enjoy the benefits of freshly ground beans simply and easily with an electric coffee grinder. The most common type of coffee grinder for use at home is a blade grinder. As an alternative to the higher performance but higher price tag of an electric burr grinder, many people opt to prepare their coffee with a blade grinder thanks to the lower price and ease of use.

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Highly Rated Models for 2019

Quick Description
Secura Electric Coffee Grinder2 Exchangable Stainless Steel Blades
KitchenAid BCG111ER Coffee GrinderEye-Catching Design + Steel Bowl

Blade Grinder Basics

A blade grinder is what comes to most people’s mind when they think of an electric coffee grinder. It functions much like a blender, with a metal blade that rotates at high speed, chopping the coffee beans into smaller pieces. The coffee stays in the compartment with the blade and continues to be ground as long as the blade is rotating. The length of time the machine runs will determine how coarse the grinds are. Longer grinding time will result in a finer consistancy.

Blade grinders are probably the most widely used type of coffee grinder. Coffee drinkers like them because they are inexpensive, easy to use and easy to clean. But blade grinders do have some shortcomings that every coffee drinker should be aware of. There is no way to get a really consistent size throughout the grounds. It may range from very fine to coarse within the same batch. This makes it difficult to get an even extraction, although some brewing methods are more forgiving than others. Consistency is determined by the amount of time the blade is spinning, which is not an exact process. And they can generate enough heat to affect the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

If you’re new to coffee grinding or have only ever used a blade grinder, see our Coffee Grinders page for more information and options.

Pros and Cons

  • Low price, with many models under $25
  • Easy to operate with simple on/off mechanism
  • Easy to operate with simple on/off mechanism
  • Does not create ideal grounds, but suits many people's taste
  • Inconsistent grind sizes within same batch affects flavor
  • Can't select a precise grind size, so it's hard to be consistent
  • Produces heat that may affect coffee flavor and aroma
  • Does not create an appropriate grind for espresso.

Tips for Best Results

  • Grind smaller batches so there is no need to expose the beans to extended grinding.
  • Turn the grinder on and off in pulses instead of long uninterrupted grinding, to reduce heat.
  • Shake the grinder between pulses to mix up the grounds and improve consistency.

Buyer's Checklist

  • Grind Size - Does the grinder do a good job of creating the grind size(s) you need. Not all grinders are equally good at every grind type. Check user reviews.
  • Capacity - How many servings of coffee can be ground at one time?
  • Features - Look for features that make a grinder more convenient or safe to use and set it apart from other models.
  • Warranty - Things can break. Check for a warranty or guarantee from the manufacturer.

Secura Electric Coffee & Spice Grinder

2 Removable Stainless Steel Blade Bowls

The Secura grinder has a 200 watt motor that easily grinds coffee, and spices, as well as chops nuts and vegetables.  Included are two detachable stainless steel bowls with different blades that give you the option of chopping or grinding.  A simple twist of the upper container turns on the motor.  The cord conveniently wraps into the base for tidy storage.

✓ ​Two steel bowls:  Chop and Grind
✓ Smart Overheat Protection extends motor life
✓ Safety feature limits access to moving blade
✓ 1 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

KitchenAid BGC111ER Blade Coffee Grinder

Eye-Catching Design + Steel Bowl

KitchenAid brings their quality and style to your coffee making experience with this handsome blade grinder.  Shown in the classic Empire Red color, its also available in brushed steel and espresso finishes.  Grinding could not be simpler. The stainless steel bowl holds up to 4 ounces of grounds, enough to make 12 cups of coffee, and is removable for convenient emptying of the coffee.

✓ ​Spice grinder accessory kit included
✓ Removable bowl with measurement markings
✓ 1 year hassle-free replacement warranty
Available in 3 finishes