Coffee Storage Containers

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Most home coffee brewers have to store coffee to keep it fresh, whether whole beans or grounds.  There are four things you want to protect your coffee from … light, carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.  These are flavor killers, so the less exposure your coffee has the better. A good storage container is a must, and there are lots to choose from.  Treat your coffee well and it will treat you well with flavor, aroma and enjoyment.

Pick the Best Coffee Container for Your Home:
Highly Rated Models for 2020

Quick Description
Coffee Gator Coffee Canister100% Satisfaction/No-Quibble Guarantee
CoffeeVac Vacuum Sealed ContainerPatented System + Easy To Use
OXO Good Grips Coffee ContainerEasy Airtight Seal + Easy Pouring
Lovffee Ceramic Coffee ContainerMorning Charm + Patented Technology
BlinkOne Airtight Coffee CanisterStainless Steel + Airtight Seal

Coffee Gator Coffee Canister

100% Satisfaction/No-Quibble Guarantee

Protect your beans from carbon dioxide, light, oxygen and water … all the big enemies of coffee flavor.  Plus use the expiration date tracker to save money and avoid waste.  If you love your beans, treat them right.

✓ Holds 16 oz whole beans or 14 oz ground beans
✓ Free eBook and scoop included
✓ Available in multiple colors

CoffeeVac Vacuum Sealed Container

Patented System + Easy To Use

Effective at keeping beans fresh by releasing carbon dioxide without letting oxygen in.  Press the button on the top to release.  To close, just press the button and replace the lid.  No need to pump.  Store it on the counter top, in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

✓ Holds 16 oz 
✓ Handwash only;  no microwave or dishwasher
✓ Made with NSF & FDA approved PS#6, a very strong plastic

OXO Good Grips Coffee Container

Easy Airtight Seal + Easy Pouring

OXO products are popular for their functional design, and this coffee storage container is no different.  It is airtight and protects from UV rays that can affect coffee flavor, while still letting you see your beans.  And rounded corners make it easy to pour out the contents.

✓ Available in 3 sizes 
✓ Not recommended for use with flavored coffee
✓ BPA free

Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Storage Canister

Patented Technology + Morning Charm

Cutting-edge technology keeps your coffee beans protected with a patented design.  Carbon dioxide is released without letting oxygen in.  And it will look great sitting in your kitchen.

✓ Maintain freshness
✓ Holds 1 pound (16 oz.) of whole coffee beans 
✓ Restaurant-grade stainless steel – available in multiple colors!
✓ BPA Free

BlinkOne Airtight Coffee Canister

Stainless Steel + Airtight Seal

This multipurpose airtight canister will keep whatever you store in it free from moisture and light.  Sensitive coffee beans and grounds will stay fresh longer without being exposed to damaging conditions, which means better coffee for you.

✓ Holds 18 ounces
✓ Includes scoop
✓ Handwash only
✓ Lifetime Warranty to be free from any defects in material or workmanship

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