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Honest Grounds is dedicated to educating and inspiring today’s coffee lovers.

Coffee lovers … we get you.

And we want you to know you’re in the right place.

So … do any of the following describe you?

  • You make your own coffee, and would like to get better and better results.
  • You’re open to trying new coffees, brewing methods and flavors.
  • You like to see the latest coffee equipment and gadgets.
  • You enjoy learning about the origins of the coffee you drink.
  • You want to feel good about the companies and people you’re supporting with your coffee purchases.

HonestGrounds.com is dedicated to you, whether you know just a little or quite a bit about coffee.  There’s always more to learn, experience and savor.   We bring you a mix of information you won’t find anywhere else, to inspire your very own coffee adventure.

What to expect.

Everything about coffee.
How to make it, where to buy it, where it comes from, what the trends are, questions & answers, and more.

Coffee + Life
We’re all about what’s in your cup, but it doesn’t stop there.  Coffee is more than just a beverage.  Its many things to many people: a topic of conversation, a passion, a hobby, a ritual, a livelihood, a way to connect, a taste of home, a way to use your buying power to effect change for good.  The list goes on. We’re also about the things that make coffee a unique part of your life and life around the world.

New and exciting products
From coffee beans to gadgets to appliances to gifts, you won’t want to miss the products you probably won’t come across otherwise.

Original content + Hand-picked resources 
In addition to our original content, we hand-pick items from around the web to bring you information we know you’ll want to see.  We’ll also draw on the expertise of coffee professionals plus the experiences of everyday coffee drinkers like you, and us.

HonestGrounds.com was founded to be a unique resource for coffee lovers.

Over the years our taste and interest in coffee has evolved, and we know many people are on the same journey.  Fortunately, the availability of all things coffee has exploded both online and in the real world. There’s never been a better time to jump in and learn, try new things, or find inspiration.

The name “Honest Grounds” represents our down-to-earth attitude toward coffee.

We believe there’s plenty of room in the world for everything from the most basic “cowboy coffee” to the most acclaimed cup created by a champion barista.   What really matters is what tastes good to you.

This site focuses on specialty coffees and all types of brewing techniques.  Finding new coffee experiences and getting better at the craft is where we’re headed, and we hope you come along with us!

Here’s to the best coffee you’ve ever had!

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