5 Holiday Themed Coffee Ideas for you to Enjoy this Winter

Coffee mug in the shape of ornament on red background.
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Winter is quickly approaching.  T-shirts have been swapped out for sweaters, and the first snowflakes have already fallen. With dropping temperatures outside, most people would rather stay inside with their friends and family than be out in the cold. Thus, we’ve put together a list of delicious holiday coffees and drink ideas to keep you warm this holiday season.

Peppermint Flavored Coffee to Bring a Smile to your Face

From candy cane lined pathways to red and white decorations at retail stores, peppermint themes can be seen in many different places this time of year. To help bring a smile to your face, you can add peppermint flavoring to your favorite coffee or you can try a peppermint infused coffee like this one from Door County Coffee. Also, lots of people love combining mocha and peppermint to make peppermint mocha flavored coffees like this one from Kahlua.

Eggnog + Coffee to get you in the Holiday Mood!

Eggnog goes hand in hand with the holiday season, so why not combine two great things and have eggnog with your coffee. Some people mix regular eggnog with their coffee, but you can also try eggnog flavored coffee beans like these from New England Coffee. Eggnog flavored coffee can keep you warm and put you in the holiday mood this season.

Cinnamon Sugar Cookies in a Mug

If you thought the joy and great taste of cinnamon sugar cookies couldn’t be found in a drink, think again. Sugar cookie coffees are a perfect way to have a delicious tasting drink and bring back memories of baking cookies during the winter. Some people create different variations of cookie lattes, but you can also find coffee beans that have been infused with cinnamon sugar cookie flavors. For example, Cameron’s makes an excellent cinnamon sugar cookie blend.

Spicy Cinnamon to Keep you Warm = Holiday Themed Coffee

If a snowstorm keeps you stuck inside this winter, cinnamon can add some spice to your life and keep you warm while you’re snowed in.  Ground cinnamon can add a nice touch to any cup of coffee, but it’s also common for people to try a cinnamon coffee blend. For instance, you can brew some coffee with Cinnamon Stick coffee beans from Lola Savannah. In addition, numerous people enjoying adding hazelnut to their cinnamon coffee to create a cinnamon hazelnut blend like this one from New England Coffee.

Festivus for the Rest of US!

A classic, Seinfeld is regarded as one of the best television shows of all time. It’s influenced pop culture in numerous ways and made millions of people laugh. Tons of great lines and other comedic scenes have come out of Seinfeld, and one of the most memorable things is Festivus. If you want to have some fun this winter, you can try some Festivus themed coffee from Uncommon Grounds. Plus, Festivus coffee mugs are a great gift idea for your friends and family that love Seinfeld.

The holiday season is a perfect time to bond with your friends and family. When you’re making memories with your loved ones, it’s a great time to enjoy a holiday Themed coffee. We hope you’ll try some of the savory holiday coffees we’ve included in this article and that this holiday season is one for the books.

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