After-Dinner Delight: A Coffee Bar That’ll Make You a Hosting Legend

coffee bar
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After you have served a fabulous dinner, finish it up with a coffee bar.
All you have to do is provide the ingredients and set up, while your guests will complete the work.

Legendary Coffee Bar Essentials

To begin, you should offer both caffeinated and decaffeinated options which are bottomless and well labeled.
The best idea is to serve a medium to strong blend that you have ground yourself from coffee beans.
For the extras, you must have half-and-half, sugar, and Splenda, but some other ideas might include peppermint sticks, flavored syrups, chocolate dipped spoons, cinnamon, and liquors. You should also offer sweets such as mini creme puffs, fruit tarts or cookies.

Of course, you will need to serve all of this with some various mugs, plates, and cocktail napkins to seal the deal.

Here’s A Coffee Bar That’ll Make You a Hosting Legend:

  • The coffee should be regular or decaf for the coffee bar. It is wise to stick with your favorite.
  • You could buy whole beans from the store and then grind them at home. Also, enlist the help of experts when doing this.
  • You can decide not to flavor the coffee but when you do flavor it, be sure to label it for your guests to be aware of that.

“The beauty of the coffee bar is that you provide the tools and the panache and everyone else does the work.”

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