For Better Tasting Coffee, Learn to Better Taste Your Coffee

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Coffee is like wine in that it contains a combination of subtle and not-so-subtle flavors, all in the same cup. And every coffee is unique, depending on the type of beans, how and where they were grown, how they were roasted, etc. If you’ve ever read tasting notes and wondered why you didn’t pick up on all those flavors that are mentioned, you’re not alone. It takes practice and some knowledge, but there are simple things you can do to begin enjoying your coffee in a new way.

Here’s how to train your tastebuds:

  • Although tastebud sensitivity does depend somewhat on genetics, everyone can boost their ability to detect and enjoy more flavors.
  • 4 simple coffee activities to begin to train your tastebuds.
  • 5 things that will improve your ability to taste coffee, as well as other food and drinks.

“Some people just have a genetic predisposition to taste specific types of flavors – but it’s also possible to train your tastebuds and palate, just as you do other talents and skills.”

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