Keurig K15 Coffee Maker Review

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For a small space, limited budget, or low-volume coffee drinker, the K15 is a great choice to consider.


The K15 is the entry-level brewer in Keurig’s Classic Series line, with technology that makes brewing single servings of coffee a breeze. Its the smallest size at the most affordable price point they offer. Designed for home use, it provides hot coffee time after time with very little cleanup.

The Pros

You have the choice of hundreds of K-Cup varieties, as well as the option to purchase a reusable filter and use your own coffee. The brew size selector allows you to adjust the strength and amount of your drink. An automatic shut off feature turns off the machine for you. And finally, the compact size of this brewer makes it easy to fit into any number of places in your home.

The Cons

The simplicity of this brewer means that there are no advanced functions or options. The water tank is not removable and only holds enough for one serving at a time. Because of this the brew time is slightly longer (by about a minute) because the water must heat up every time. Plus if you want to use your own coffee, you must purchase the reusable filter separately.

The Bottom Line

For someone with limited space, or who wants to make only a cup or two of coffee at a time, this small brewer can be a great choice. Its fast and easy to use, but is limited to the most basic of features. The potential to use your own coffee is a big plus, which also cuts down on the cost per cup. If you are looking for an economical way to make small amounts of single-serve coffee, consider the K55.



Brews in Under 2 Minutes  Note that this is after the heatup of 1-2 minutes.

3 Brew Sizes  Using a K-Cup® Pod, you can brew 6oz., 8oz., or 10 oz. serving sizes. Selecting a smaller or larger brew size is an easy way to adjust brew strength.

Water Tank  The water tank is not removable and holds only enough water for one serving.

Removable Drip Tray  The drip tray helps keep things neat and tidy by catching stray liquid and can be removed for easy cleaning.

5 Color Choices  Match your decor or add a pop of accent color.

K-Cup® Pod Compatible  There are more K-Cup varieties out there than any other brand, and your beverage options are in the hundreds. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty drinks are all available in this coffee format and easy to find online and in stores.

Use Your Own Coffee  If you have a favorite pre-ground coffee, or like it extra fresh by grinding it yourself, the K55 has you covered. It’s compatible with Keurig’s My K-Cup® Reusable Filter, which lets you fill a reusable pod with whatever coffee you want. This also reduces your cost per cup over pre-packaged K-Cups.

Simple Controls  A Power button, “Brew” button and several helpful indicator lights (add water, handle, ready to brew, water heating and brewing has begun) are all you need to use this machine.

Worry Free 90 Second Shutoff  After finishing a brew, the machine will automatically shut itself off after 90 seconds.

What People Are Saying

User feedback online for the K15 is overwhelmingly positive.

Users Like

Being able to make a cup instead of a whole pot that will go to waste.

Free from going to the brand name coffee shop now that they can brew it at home.

Great when there’s only one person in the house that drinks coffee.

Attractive design, color choices and compact size.

Affordable price.

Users Don’t Like

Cannot fit an average travel mug under the spout.

No water reservoir.

It brews however much water you put in the tank, which is less exact than other models which measure the amount for you.

Need to wait for water to heat up for each serving.

Cord is relatively short.


Series:  Keurig Classic Series
Dishwasher Safe Parts:  No
Dimensions:  10.8″H x 6.9″W x 10.7″D
Weight:  8.8 pounds
Warranty:  Limited One Year Warranty
Safety Rating:  UL Listed for Household use only. Keurig strongly recommends that their home brewers be used at home and their commercial brewers be placed in commercial/office settings. A brewer used in an environment it is not rated for may cause the warranty to be voided and may affect insurance coverage.

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