Coffee Trend 2019: Nitro Coffee

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Nitro Coffee was introduced to the market by Stumptown Coffee in 2015 and continues to gain popularity. Originally it was offered only in cans, but is now also available on tap in many coffee shops. The method borrows from the technique used with Guiness beer, where nitrogen is infused into the drink (in this case a strong cold brew), resulting in a “thick, silky and stout-like effect.” If you haven’t tasted this version of the beverage yet, give it a try and find out why it’s trending in 2019!

Key Takeaways of Nitro coffee:

  • Nitro brew is great with any additions you like, such as cream or sugar, but is also smooth and creamy when drunk black.
  • Offers the benefits of cold brew with additional texture and a creamy mouthfeel.
  • Easy to find either prepackaged or on draft.

“The nitrogen(Nitro Coffee) provides “weight and gives it texture,” says Wolczynski, which results in a smoother, foam-infused version of cold brew.”

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