The 7 Best Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers

gifts for coffee lovers
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You might think that buying a coffee gift for someone is easy because there are so many coffee gadgets to choose from.

However, if you do not know how the coffee lover brews their coffee in the morning, it can be challenging to find that perfect coffee gift. Nor is it easy to buy something as simple as a bag of coffee for them, as there are so many different brands and flavors out there.

Fortunately, there are a couple of great coffee gifts that every coffee drinker will appreciate, no matter what taste they have. Here is a coffee gift guide to help you pick up the perfect gift for that coffee enthusiast in your life.

Good Coffee

To avoid the choice overload when it comes to picking a good coffee, why not let the person you are giving to make the selection themselves?

A coffee subscription can make an excellent gift if you intend to give a gift that keeps on giving! There are many coffee subscription companies online, like Bean Box, which offers a three-, six-, or twelve-month subscription plan. These companies pride themselves in providing high-quality and unique flavors.

Many coffee subscription companies also offer deluxe coffee gift baskets and boxes if you prefer something more short term.

With a good coffee subscription as a gift, you can be sure that the person who receives the subscription will have endless fun in choosing their unique coffee flavor each month.

Milk Frother

A milk frother is a handy gadget in the kitchen, even for someone who does not like too much foam in their coffee.

The art of making good coffee is a serious deal to those coffee lovers, even when it comes to serving their guests. That is why a milk frother is something that will impress! Any electric milk frother can whip up your milk in literally a minute. They are perfect for making cappuccinos, latte macchiato, hot chocolate, and anything else that needs frothy milk in a recipe.

The PowerLix Milk Frother is an excellent example of high quality yet affordable milk frother. It consists of a stainless steel stand, reaches a speed of 19,000 RPM, and can froth milk in less than 20 seconds.

Coffee To-Go Cups

When searching for a coffee gift, the first thing you might think of is a coffee cup.

While there are many mugs with cute sayings and others that radiate elegance, the chances are that the coffee drinker already has a cupboard full of possibilities. Many times, coffee lovers prefer to drink from their one-and-only coffee cup (the one with the sentimental value).

On the other hand, a coffee-to-go cup might be something they are missing in their life as it gives them the possibility to take their coffee on the run.

When picking out a travel coffee cup, make sure that it is leak-proof, non-spillable, and heat-resistant, just like the coffee Contigo Autoseal cup. This travel coffee mug can keep beverages hot for 5 hours or cold for 12 hours.

Coffee Machine On-The-Go

If the coffee lover is particular about how they like their coffee, then making sure they get the same quality wherever they are.

Portable-coffee machines are great to take to the office, on a camping trip, or to those never-ending meetings. With a portable coffee machine, they can have the perfect coffee no matter where they travel.

These coffee makers vary in style and size, and if you want to give one that is excellent in making coffee and a fun novelty gift at the same time, then the Wacaco Minipresso is the one to choose. This coffee machine is fully portable as it is small enough to keep in a handbag, and it can brew a decent shot manually that does not require electricity or batteries.

Capsule Dispenser

Coffee capsules can take up a lot of space on the counter or in a cupboard, and some capsules require special storage to preserve their quality.

Therefore, if you are opting for a useful and decorative gift, then the Eva Solo Coffee capsule dispenser is a great choice. This capsule dispenser is cylinder-shaped and made from glass to see how many colorful capsules are left.

For the minimalist who likes to keep things tidy and attractive, the Eva Solo Coffee capsule dispenser is a useful gift.

Coffee-Themed Gifts

For a friend who likes coffee but already has all the coffee gadgets they need, a simple java-themed novelty gift can be more meaningful.

There are many wonderful wall art pieces with a coffee-theme one can either find at a local shop or online. From old fashioned coffee posters, modern canvases with a coffee mantra to a simple infographic that shows the essential coffees from around the world.

Other options include a coffee-themed jewelry piece for the ladies or an indoor coffee plant for someone with green fingers. A book loaded with coffee info, from growing beans to starting a coffee business like the The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing by culinary maverick Ferran Adrià, can also make a meaningful gift.

Coffee Grinder

Even the best coffee maker, together with the perfect roast, pure water, and premium filters, can still disappoint if the grind is incorrect.

While there are specific rules a true coffee enthusiast should follow if they want to get that perfect cup of coffee, the quality of the coffee grinder plays a huge factor. Therefore, if you genuinely want to treat someone with an excellent coffee gadget, give them a good coffee grinder.

From electric grinders to hand grinders, there are various options to consider. If you want to purchase one that grinds coffee beans consistently and evenly, then an electric grinder like the Secura Electric Coffee Grinder, nut, and spice grinder is the way to go. Certain hand grinders can be just as good, and they are less expensive to purchase; the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, for example, allows for a more hands-on approach, which takes around one minute.

Keep It Thoughtful

In many cultures around the world, coffee itself is considered a great gift, whether it is to say thank you or given as a friendly gesture. However, when you are giving a gift related to coffee to someone special on a particular occasion, then it is better to put some thought into it.

The problem is that coffee drinkers are diverse, and usually, most of them already have their ritual when it comes to coffee making. However, this does not mean giving them something coffee related is off-limits. Many of these gifts mentioned above will simply improve their coffee routine. One can never go wrong with a thoughtful coffee gift, whether it is for a close friend of a colleague.

If, in the end, you still don’t know what to get or you have limited time, then a coffee gift voucher might be your last resort.

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