Keurig K55 Coffee Maker Review

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The K55 is a basic single-serve coffee maker that has a proven record as a daily coffee workhorse. It is a good choice whether you make only a couple or several cups of coffee per day.


The K55 is an original K-Pod brewer in Keurig’s Classic Series line. With over 6000 customer ratings on Amazon alone, it is one of the most popular single-serve coffee makers on the market, for good reason. Designed with the home environment in mind, it offers the things that many people prize in a coffee maker: convenience, speed and consistency.

The Pros

In true Keurig style, this machine makes the task of brewing coffee almost effortless. It offers standard conveniences such as an auto off feature and removable water tank and drip tray. Plus you have the flexibility of three brew sizes, the choice of hundreds of K-Cup varieties, and the availability of a compatible reusable filter.

The Cons

The features are limited to the basics and don’t include advanced options or controls. Also, you must purchase the additional filter or you will not be able to use your favorite coffee unless its available in K-Cup form.

The Bottom Line

The K55 is a basic single-serve coffee maker that has a proven record as a daily coffee workhorse. Users are overwhelmingly positive in their feedback of this machine. There are enough options to make it convenient and flexible, without being overly complicated. It is a good choice whether you make only a couple or several cups of coffee per day.

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✓ A brew time of less than one minute means you won’t be standing around waiting.
Saving time is one of the top benefits of a single-serve machine. Not only does it practically eliminate prep time, but the time from pressing brew to a cup of coffee is fast.
✓ Your beverage options are in the hundreds with K-Cup® Pods.
There are more K-Cup varieties out there than any other brand. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty drinks are all available in this format and easy to find online and in stores.
✓ If you love your coffee, you can use your coffee.
If you have a favorite pre-ground coffee, or like it extra fresh by grinding it yourself, the K55 has you covered. It’s compatible with Keurig’s My K-Cup® Reusable Filter (available for purchase separately), which lets you fill a reusable pod with whatever coffee you want. This also reduces your cost per cup over pre-packaged K-Cups.
Additional Features
  • Using a K-Cup® Pod, you can choose from 3 Brew Sizes: 6oz., 8oz., or 10 oz. servings. Selecting a smaller or larger brew size is an easy way to adjust brew strength.
  • Removable Water Tank makes refills and cleaning a breeze because you can bring the tank to the water instead of the water to the tank. And at 48 oz., you’ll get between 3 and 8 servings per tank, depending on the brew sizes you use.
  • A handful of buttons is all it takes to control your brewer. The Simple Control Panel and indicator lights alert you to actions you need to take (Add Water, Descale) and the status of the machine (Heating, Auto Off, and Power).
  • Don’t worry about forgetting to turn off your Keurig. Save energy and have peace of mind with the optional Auto Off function. When you set it, the machine will automatically shut off after 2 hours of inactivity.
  • If you don’t already use filtered water, the Built-in Water Filter will do it for you. Good quality water is one of the most important ingredients in a great cup of coffee.

Use & Care

Operating the K55 is very straightforward. Once the water reservoir is filled, turn the brewer on and it will begin heating the water, which will take about 4 minutes for the entire tank (or 15 seconds between brews if the water has already been heated). Then place your pod in the machine, select a brew size, and press the Brew button. Indicator lights will alert you along the way that the brewer is on, when the water is heating, and when its time to select a brew size. Keep the outside of the K55 clean by wiping it down with a damp, soapy cloth. The drip tray should be also be rinsed out and cleaned regularly. The pod holder assembly and water reservoir can be cleaned periodically as needed. And descaling is recommended whenever the indicator light goes on or every 3-6 months, whichever comes first.

What Users Say

User feedback for the K55 is overwhelmingly positive.

Users Like

  • Faster than a traditional coffee maker, so mornings are less rushed.
  • Its reasonably priced and takes up less space than other models.
  • Saved money when it replaced trips to the local coffee shop.
  • Like that fact the you can make coffee and tea.
  • Auto turnoff is easy to set and no frustration using a clock to do it.
  • Brews a perfect cup every time.

Users Don’t Like

  • When the Add Water indicator goes on, it will not brew until you refill the tank, even if there is still enough for a brew in the bottom.
  • Brewing different beverages or flavors back to back can leave residual taste. You may want to run some hot water on the smallest size cup setting between brews.


Series:  Keurig Classic Series Dimensions:  13.0″H x 9.8″W x 13.3″D Weight:  12 pounds Warranty:  Limited One Year Warranty Safety Rating:  UL Listed for Household use only. See what Keurig strongly recommends.

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